Strategies of The Worlds Elite

We help Entrepreneurs and Investors implement strategies used by the World’s Elite to succeeded and build wealth.

We’ve worked and partnered with businesses, family offices and high net worth for over 10+ years. Through our experience we’ve learned the strategies and tactics used by them to build thriving businesses and their wealth. We’re here to share them to you.

Our instinct and insight drive our approach of complex finance management, corporate dynamics, executive management, and go-to-market strategy. Additionally, we unite renowned leaders, key figures, and noteworthy agents of change from a diverse scope of industries together to help wealth builders do what they want to do: WIN!

We don’t level the playing field — we alter it.

Who Is Modern Capital Advisors?

Modern Capital Advisors was founded to expose the business and strategy secrets used by the worlds elite and allow everyday entrepreneurs and investors to build meaningful wealth.

We are a group of practitioners not just teaching what we think but from years of experience of actually doing. Building businesses, launching private placements (funds), raising capital, building global investor networks, structuring deals, keeping our mindset on point, and much more.

We are altering the playing field for entrepreneurs and investors looking to build wealth and leave their legacy.

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Here's What Some Clients Are Doing

Business Strategy


Program: Business Strategy

Description: Manufacture had fallen complacent, we evaluated the current products and business structure. Identified a new revenue structure that created a vertical integration and wrapped offerings around services they where giving away. 

Time: Planning 60 days and execution 90 days

Results: Increased revenue, additional services and customer stickiness.


Business Strategy


Program: Business Strategy 

Description: Business owner has a successful business but was working himself to death in the business. He was missing opportunities and not spending time with his family as he didn’t have time to look up. 

Time: 30 day planning, 30 day implementation, and on going.

Results: Business is thriving, more opportunities, diversification, more time and he’s happier. 


Succession Planning


Program: Planning Services

Description: Senior generation was seeking succession planning and wanted an unbiased group to help plan and executed that plan with precision.

Time: Planning 60 days and execution 90 days

Results: Succession plan was carried out.


Asset Management


Program: Asset Management 

Description: Aging business and real estate owner needing a group to manage his assets while he lived out his life and until his succession plan was ready to take over.

Time: On going

Results: Assets are doing great and growing. 


Red Label Investments


Program: Intrafund

Description: They wanted to launch a fund inside their real estate brokerage for agents to participate in real estate investments. They learned how to use their existing influence and contacts with Intrafund through a Reg D 506b offering. 

Time: From idea to launched in under 60 days

Results: Fund launched and raised within 9o days


Regen Partners


Program: Social Syndicator 

Description: They wanted to raise $1M in equity to launch a new medical clinic using a social for solicitation. They learned how to do this with a Reg D 506c offering through Social Syndicator.

Time: From idea to launched in under 60 days

Results: Syndication launched and raised within 12o days


Manufacturing Company


Program: Consulting

Description: The owners were looking to sell in the next year and wanted to get their company properly positioned to for competitive bids. We helped them through that process and facilitated the sell of their company.

Time: Within the client time frame of 12 months

Results: Company sold for top dollar within their space


Service Business


Program: Consulting 

Description: Service industry company was looking to expand their company into other markets over the course of 12 months. We helped structure the expansion and provided retainer consulting for the following several months.

Time: Within the clients time frame of 12 months

Results: Expanded into 3 new markets


Who Is Will Morris?

With over 13 years of experience, I have established a comprehensive network of resources and alliances including 400+ family office and high net worths. Positioning me and my network for continued success and the creation of a lasting legacy.

With experience in real estate, private equity, private placement, and entrepreneurship, I have established a successful track record in launching 20+ investment offerings, business plan execution, and joint ventures. I’ve served as a General Partner Affiliate on 655 multifamily units, value-added/supplied over 3,000 multifamily units, and served as a strategic partner 50+ investments. My expertise also extends to sourcing funds for deals and causes, as well as being a published author with a focus on leaving a legacy and creating impact beyond returns. Throughout my career, I have cultivated a global network of resources, relationships, and industry experts. As a serial entrepreneur and innovator, I have grown and exited small businesses, including a NASA patented technology license. I continue to own and grow businesses across various industries.

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Teach self-denial and make its practice pleasure, and you can create for the world a destiny more sublime that ever issued from the brain of the wildest dreamer.

Sir Walter Scott

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